Specialized multi-track location recording and extensive accessory packages enable specific tailor made workflows from production to post.

Primary recording equipment is based around ZAXCOM equipment, incorporating ZAXNET remote recording radio mic technology. By far the best equipment available with 12 separate tracks of rec capability + multiple selectable outputs for maximum flexibility of on set playback and production monitoring.

Comms: We carry 4 separate IFB systems and various playback and director PA systems at all times.

Wireless or Cable?: With 12 channels of wireless and digital loss-less links we use a lot less cables than we used to, this greatly improves onset efficiency and what we can offer a production in terms of flexibility and audio capture.

Drama kits available ranging from full studio multi cart to small highly portable bag rigs.

Primary microphones and accessories from Schoeps, Sennheiser, Sanken, DPA, Countryman, Zaxcom, Lectrosonics, Sound Devices & Comtek.

(Packages are also available for dry hire to experienced operators only)